Jimiri is a program that brings people with different backgrounds, races and genders together. Kids from all over Metro Detroit came together every weekend this past Fall at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History to discuss culture, class, identity, race, place and gender.

We were divided into groups of art, theater, dance and digital photography. High school students and college students facilitated the groups. I was in the theater group where we wrote monologues about who we are. Here is mine:

I am a white Jew with a white Jewish family.

People may see me as a white person but that is not all of who I am. I may have white skin, but I am Jewish. Some people may not like that. They may think that Jews have horns growing from their heads because they are devils.

But that's not true. I'm just a white Jew. Despite the crazy beliefs, my people are caring, hard working, and bright. Jewish people are human beings just like everyone else. We are deserving of respect just like everyone else.

I am Ethan.

We also got to work with the dance group. We had a lot of fun!

I learned a lot at Jimiri. One example that I remember is the day that we talked about class. I never realized how different the living conditions are. We talked about how class is affected by racism.

The thing I loved the most about Jimiri was that I got to make new friends. I still text with them everyday. Iā€™m excited to start Jimiri back up with my friends next Fall!