As a kid growing up in suburban Detroit, I used to pass a church right by my house every day. It was a huge church, standing 100 feet tall, with a massive, limestone carving of Jesus on the cross staring down at a busy thoroughfare. And when I came to learn about this church’s origins, it terrified me. – Andrew Lapin

Driving past Shrine of the Little Flower – that's where the story begins for Andrew Lapin and his podcast about Father Coughlin. For anyone who has heard stories about the antisemitic, isolationist priest whose CBS-broadcast vitriol reached an estimatered 30 million weekly listeners in the 1930s – and for everyone else – there's Radioactive:

In the meantime, you can listen to Andrew Lapin's discussion with Stephen Henderson:

The Dark History of Father Coughlin’s Pro-Fascist, Anti-Semitic Radio Show
Andrew Lapin speaks with Stephen Henderson about his podcast detailing the life of Father Charles Coughlin, the founding priest of a local parish who fueled bigotry over the airwaves trough the 1930’s.