It's a powerful and exciting feeling to turn one's little ditties into fleshed out songs, with accompaniment and all. These five songs were written over the past few years and recorded/produced in the past year, and reflect some of the matters of social movements of our time:

- the neutralizing effect of the non-profit industrial complex ("Social Entrepreneur")

- the continuing legacy of US-backed regime change in Latin America ("I Am The President Now")

- and the xenophobia that comes with the territory of our atomized, individualistic society ("Beyond The Fence")

The songs are wordy and preachy,* but hopefully pack in enough humor and punch to keep you drawn in. The final track, "We Believe In a Better World," is meant as a movement hymn – something to carry with you into singing circles and street demos and wherever you roam. I'm pleased to say that my beloved Nina and Oscar are featured as back-up vocals on that track!

My gratitude to all the generous folks out there who contributed to my pre-album fundraiser and to Hannah Lewis for her inimitable album art.

Spotify ain't great to say the least – it profits on the labor of musicians while giving them fractions of pennies in return. Still, it's a platform used by many to hear and share good tunes, good podcasts and more. While you're at it, be sure to follow the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers to keep up with musicians who are pushing back against Spotify's predatory b.s.

*From "Communish Manifesto":

I reject the notion that civility and compromise will lead to liberation
or anything else beyond a politer status quo
For the arc of the moral universe will not bend to justice but through confrontation
Transformation will not come unless we can make it so!