Every once in a while, I find myself standing somewhere in my home, often on a stairway with a pile of things to put away in multiple places, forgetting where exactly I was headed, and I catch myself in the wildest of thoughts.

I hope the MOM comes home soon… Oh…it’s me. I’m her. No one is coming.

If I’m being honest, this happens most often around 5:00.

Isn’t someone coming to make sure these people get fed? Someone competent. A better planner. Someone with more energy, more creativity. Nope. Still just me. This family is stuck with … me.

When the going gets tough — and it always does, often around dinnertime — I have learned with a lot of practice to reach out and not in. Theoretically, “the answers are,” of course, in a book on a shelf somewhere: 10 steps to an organized home! 35 dinners to whip up in 15 minutes and a single pot! 12 ways to serve chicken to children who only like nugget-shaped food!

Yet, knowledge alone does not create change. Evidence (of the limited value of evidence) is all around us. We are swimming in more information than ever before, but we are also the unhealthist we’ve ever been. Clearly, we need something different, and I’m putting my money on humanity — messy, honest, loving, earnest humanity — as the relief we need.

So, let’s convo.

A couple of humans, digging in together on the stuff of life that matters more than anything else ever could: relationships of all kinds and mental wellness for all people. I’ve got some of that book-style knowledge, too. I’m here to answer your questions and get the convo moving forward. Have a problem? You don’t have to suffer alone because you are not alone.

You can learn more about Convo at myconvo.org or you can hit me up right here. Anyone can submit anonymous questions and I will share whatever wisdom I can with our fellow humans.