In honor of what would have been Harry Weberman's 100th birthday, September 15, 2022, here is Robert Brown's tribute and a sampling of the responses we received:

Harry Weberman: Good Guidance
by Robert Brown

Richard Goldfarb
There was an academic issue my senior year that led to a lot of confusion and anger. One day, I got a note telling me to go to Mr. Weberman's office. Just because it was he who was in charge of solving it made me confident I was going to hear good news. He held a file in his hands and made a bit of a show of acting like there was still some question what would happen but he didn't have much of a poker face for that and I could see in his eyes before he showed it to me that I was going to leave satisfied. A true mensch.

Leslie Band Hirshberg
He was the best counselor & helped me get into MSU. I had such respect and admiration for him & was truly grateful for his help:)

Paula Elias Slomovitz
As a graduate of the first graduating class of OPHS 1957 I do remember Mr. Weberman very well. Just one of those teachers that you don’t forget. Always smiling. Looking back on his long history at OPHS it now occurs to me how much he loved being a teacher and mentor to so many students.

Elaine Lippitt
Harry Weberman was on of the rare and special teachers, counselors and human beings. He did have a great memory.

Aileen Leichtman Bloom
Not only was he a counselor when I was at OPHS but he was my mom’s too!

Marilyn Zaks West
He was my HS school counselor and went the extra mile. Was not afraid to get involved. When I was facing challenging personal problems, he saved my academic career. Gave such good advice. Because of him, I was accepted to U of M.

Barbara Berman Disner
He was a teacher when I went to OPHS. Years later he was still there when I was on the OP Board of Education. Whenever I ran into later in life ( he was related to Sy Weberman a good friend of ours) ,he would point at me and say” Barbara Berman class of 1960( he was in his 90s then). Great man with a phenomenal memory.

Joanne Ron Gilbert
While I was never fortunate enough to have Harry Weberman as a counselor at OPHS, he went out of his way to be kind to me, and never failed to brighten my days when he came around the corner of B wing by the library and give me a wonderful warm smile. How blessed I am that I was able to visit with him shortly before he passed away--and let him know that 55+ years later, his smile still brought me comfort and encouragement to continue his legacy of kindness.

Rick Colman
Harry was one of a kind. On a bus tour of Jewish Detroit in 2010, I had a chance to speak to him and was surprised to learn he remembered me and described my "red"hair back in high school. And he remembered many of my 1961 classmates. May his memory be a blessing.

Stu Zonder
Mr. Weberman was my counselor in 10th grade before being "promoted." I always had the impression he missed being a counselor. I knew he was looking out for us, and we appreciated him very much. Funny...he was replaced by Mr. Sutton, who for all of 11th and 12th grade thought I was Billy Zawierucha. I'd see him in the hall and he'd say "Hi, William." Not the same kind of care and interest that Mr. W. had for me. Harry Weberman was a mensch in every sense of the word, and was a beacon of integrity during a challenging time for all of us.