Baseball is more — way more.

Baseball is more — way more — than nine gentlemen dressed in an elegant uniform, with sharp cleats, eye-catching stir-ups, a buttoned down & carefully tucked-in jersey and a slightly arched cap.

Baseball is more — way more — than runs scored due to the thunderous crack of an ash tree Louisville Slugger smacking against a perfectly stitched glorious sphere causing grown men to speed around pillows nesting on a field of beautifully groomed dirt.

Baseball is more — way more — than the smell of fresh cut grass, the perfectly chalked lines around The Box and a keyhole path to the mound.

Baseball is even somehow more than the tally of games won and lost. It is more than the thrill of a September playoff chase, the passion of a World Series win and the hope that is so very genuine on Opening Day.

Baseball is about you.
Baseball is about us.
It is about family.
It is about old friends and new friends.
It is the smile of the usher. It is the cry of the Cracker Jack hawker. It is the ball tossed from a friendly ump. It is the hug of a father & son. It is the opportunity to breathe fresh air and come together to celebrate much more than America’s pastime.

Yes, we will Root Root Root for The Tigers. And yes - I do believe we will win the World Series.

But on the eve of this Opening Day, what I am most excited for is to be with all of you.

The fans (who encourage my fanaticism).
The front office staff (who permit my fanaticism).
The vendors (who hydrate my vocal chords).
The ushers (who tolerate my fanaticism).
The press (who cover my fanaticism).
The opponents (who rightly fear my fanaticism).
The Tigers (who inspire my fanaticism).
And my Dad — who gave me the gift of loving baseball together with him.

I’ve been to every Opening Day since I was 3 years old with my Dad except 2007 (Israel) and 2020 (pandemic). I cannot wait to walk through the gates with him and cheer alongside him while he meticulously keeps score.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to attend this massive holy event. I am grateful to have made it and hope to see all of you throughout this season.

After all, Detroit: #ThisIsTheYear.


P.S. See you at the ballpark (you know where to find me - and yes: I’ll have extra matzah for you)! Even if you have to settle for seeing me on Fox Sports Detroit, you can help get #ThisIsTheYear going. Because #ThisIsTheYear