The following exchange occured over the course of two hours on Friday, November 4, 2022. It has been has been condensed for clarity.

Nike Virtual Assistant: I am happy to help you find your return/refund status.

Nike Virtual Assistant: Please select the order that you would like to see return details for.
(Note, I am only have orders from the last 90 days)

Leo Samson: Kyrie Infinity Basketball Shoes

Nike Virtual Assistant:

Nike Virtual Assistant: View more orders?

Leo Samson: Chat with an Athlete

Nike Virtual Assistant: I'm going to transfer you to a Nike Teammate who can help.

Nike Virtual Assistant: What can my Teammate help you with?

Leo Samson: a return

Nike Virtual Assistant: Got it. I'll transfer you now.
It may take a moment for my Teammate to get up to speed.

System Message: Your chat is being transferred. Please wait for the next available Athlete.

System Message: You are being transferred to: Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hello - I’ll be right with you. I just need to catch up on your chat so I can help!

Leo Samson: great

Leo Samson: great!*

Stephanie: Thanks for chatting in into Nike, my name is Stephanie ,I hope you are having a nice day so far! How can I help you today ?

Leo Samson: I would like to figure out how to right my personal reason for returning a specific shoe. In other words I am trying to figure out how to give my own reason about why I am returning the shoe, that is not one of the presets.

Leo Samson: how to write*

Stephanie: I will be more than happy to assist you with the Return question Leo

Can you please explain to me the reason for returning the item back to us first?

Leo Samson: I originally got the Kyries because they are a very cool shoe and still are, however because of past things that Kyrie has personaly said and posted links reguarding antisemitisim, and to be honest I am simply not comfortable wearing the shoes anymore because of this and I am extremely disapointed.

Leo Samson: I’ve only wore the shoes once in an indoor gym and have never been outside

Stephanie: I apologized for that inconvenience and want you to know that according to the policy of sponsorship, I am not allowed to discuss about the NBA Basketball player's action outside of our sponsorship as an athlete

I understand the case where you no longer feel comfortable wearing the Kyrie shoes anymore and that you can return it by simply selecting "Don't Want"

Stephanie: If you want to, I can capture your feedback about this reason for no longer feeling comfortable wearing these basketball shoes

Leo Samson: Yes that would be great. Is there anything i need in order to be able to refund them, and is it ok that they have been worn but only indoors?

Stephanie: Leo, we are so sorry and want you to know that Nike do not endorse any tweet , link share by our sponsored athlete in their personal life and do not share their personal opinion since we are promoting Equality, and Fair Play all over the world

Stephanie: I see that you ordered two (2) items from the Order

1) Kyrie Infinity Basketball Shoes (CZ0204-005) in size M 10 / W 11.5
2) Kyrie Infinity Basketball Shoes (CZ0204-005) in size M 10.5 / W 12

Leo, do you want to return both shoes , because I see that there is a return that is already created

Leo Samson: yes i would like to return both of them. before he said those things i got two pairs just in case one didnt fit i could just have the other pair that would hopefully fit however now i would like to refund both of them.

Stephanie: OK, I see Leo

I am really sorry about that inconvenience, where you want to return both items back to us to be refunded for them , I will be more than happy to set up the return for you Leo

Stephanie: Do you want to return both items back in one package in order for me to create one return label and send it to your email address?

Leo Samson: We have already returned the first pair (size ten) we just need to return the second pair. The 10.5's

Stephanie: OK, I got it Leo !

Let me create the return for you right away

Stephanie: Allow me a moment Leo

Stephanie: Can you please, verify and confirmed that you received it Leo?

Leo Samson: yes one moment please while i check

Stephanie: No problem Leo

Stephanie: Please, let me know if you got the UPS prepaid return label Leo

Leo Samson: yes one moment please

Stephanie: :)

Stephanie: Also Leo, I want to take the time to thank you for being such an amazing Member for almost thirteen (13) years .

I hope all of the Nike benefits have treated you well !

Leo Samson: They have 100% other then this thats why I love nike so much. Just curious what email did you send it to?

Stephanie: Leo, it was sent to the email address :

Leo Samson: Thank you! one moment.

Stephanie: You are welcome Leo :)

Leo Samson: Sorry google is being dificult, just one more moment haha

Stephanie: LOL :)

Stephanie: I am here so you can confirm receiving that return label Leo

Stephanie: Please verify :)

Leo Samson: yes! I have recived it!

Leo Samson: sorry for the trouble!

Stephanie: Perfect Leo !

Stephanie: My pleasure! Here at Nike, we want you to have the best quality service that you deserve. That is how we value a Member of the Nike Family like you.

Have a great weekend !

Leo Samson: Thank you. you too.