The Break Down

Hod is the Jewish quality that asks us to acknowledge that we can’t do everything on our own. In music, hod looks like balancing louder volumes with softer ones, creating a dynamic sound where we can appreciate the big moves and the little ones too.

What does the softer voice inside your head sound like? What helps you turn up the volume so you can hear it better?

Digging Deeper

Hod helps us listen to the world around us so we can better hear (and see) what we need.

Where do you like to go to listen and reflect?

Hod translates to humility, and I think that also involves self-awareness and trust in others. I’m very much an anxious overthinker in many aspects of my life. I plan, consider every alternative, come up with multiple plan Bs, Cs and Ds. I sometimes have the belief that if I just plan well enough, I won’t ever have to be in the uncomfortable position of having to rely on someone else.

When I take time to reflect and realize that I do need help, my first thoughts are usually negative. How did I let this happen? Why can’t I handle it on my own? Will the person I’m reaching out to think less of me? I worry about all of these things before even asking for help. Then, I doubt. Will the person say yes? Will they really follow through though? Even getting to the place of asking for a hand can feel nerve-racking for me.

When I feel this way, I try to remember times someone has leaned on me or asked for my assistance. I usually feel flattered and appreciative that someone feels like I am reliable, that they can trust me when they’re feeling vulnerable, or that my opinion or expertise or work would be valuable to them.

Flipping the script often helps me reframe and see things differently. I think it’s a beautiful skill to be able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Asking for someone's help allows them to really shine. – Hannah Berger


This week we're excited to welcome special guest Rabbi Jen Lader of Temple Israel! Check out the video below to learn more about what kinds of music Rabbi Jen is inspired by, how she's thinking about the upcoming High Holidays, and how you can get involved...

Hod is the quiet humble voice that speaks in our heads and lives in our hearts and spirits. The dynamics (the loudness and softness) of Hod can whisper courage, inspire love, and reveal our needs. The sound of Hod is soft, powerful and true.

Listen to the dynamic sound of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to move your spirit in this portion of Jupter, Bringer of Jollity by Gustav Holst.

A teacher of Rabbi Jeff's once taught: “The reason we say Shema (Listen) is because God whispers.”

However you understand or relate to God, do you agree? Does God whisper?