The Break Down

Music tells stories about resilience. Persevering for love, truth, and justice. Music also can inspire us to be resilient - to keep running, seek joy, and pause to connect with ourselves.

What music motivates you to keep going?

Digging Deeper

Music is at the heart of cultural movements. Giving voice to those who are unheard and inspiring us to change the world - even if it’s just our corner of it.

What song or band inspires you to pursue justice?


For our fourth #WisdomWednesday, Rabbi Jeff sits down with Rabbi Michael Moskowitz of Temple Shir Shalom. Check out the video below to learn about what music has been inspiring Rabbi Mike lately, and how he's thinking about the upcoming High Holidays:

This week we’re talking about Netzach – Resilience. In music, we hear resilience in the stories that are told through song. The musical story of Detroit is told through Motown – music that embodies a city full of love, ongoing resilience, strength, and vibrancy!

Even beyond the lyrics and the time and place they were written, Motown music sings out to our souls to reach higher and keep going!

What music represents the story of your city? Either where you live now, or where you’re from?