The Break Down

Gevurah is the divine quality of strength, which we find in ourselves and in community with others. In music, an anthem has the ability to empower us and bring us strength, and they’re fun to share with those around us!

What song is your personal anthem, the one that makes you feel like you can conquer the world? Who are the people who make up your “band” that surround you with good vibes and hype you up?

For Rabbi Jeff, that song is ZZ Top's La Grange. For Marisa Meyerson, that song is a tie between Beyonce's Run the World (Girls) and ***Flawless.

Digging Deeper

Sometimes gevurah isn’t just about being strong – it’s also about recognizing the quiet strength in taking a step back, asking for help or engaging in self-care.

How do you look inward to find that strength when you need it most?

Participant Arielle Inwald says that she finds strength by writing in her diary and being in nature.


For the second to last #wisdomwednesday of #Reflect4Rosh, Rabbi Jeff sits down with Rabbi Ariana Silverman of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. Check out the video to learn about what's inspiring Rabbi Ariana lately and how you can get in on the Downtown Synagogue's High Holiday action...

This week we’re talking about gevurah (strength), which Jewish wisdom often portrays through visual metaphors like mountains, rocks, acts of nature and even lions. In music, we can’t always see strength, but we can hear it! Rock & Roll is one of the best examples of feeling gevurah though sound! Rock out with this local Detroit legend: Ickey Thump, The White Stripes:

Rock & Roll continues to evolve and influences every genre of music – what kind of rock is your favorite or your go-to?