The Break Down

Chesed is the divine quality of lovingkindness, and acts of love are an essential form of connection. In music, lyrics can articulate feelings we can’t always find words for and do the speaking for us. When we dedicate a song, we can show chesed through music in an authentic expression of love.

Who would you like to dedicate a song to? What song would you choose and why?

Digging Deeper

“Chesed is the redemption of solitude,” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says in To Heal a Fractured World. Rabbi Sacks implies in his teaching that an act of chesed can be an antidote for loneliness. How do you cure loneliness in your life?


For our final #WisdomWednesday of #Reflect4Rosh 2021, Rabbi Jeff sits down with Rabbi Matthew Zerwekh of Temple Emanu-El (Oak Park, MI) to learn about what's inspiring him these days, and what you can do to get involved in their High Holiday offerings.

Music can be meaningful in so many ways. Whether it’s lyrics that speak to you, a tune that brings back a vivid memory, or a song that’s brought you through a difficult time, music is a vehicle of the heart – of chesed – lovingkindness. As we finish our 2021 #Reflect4Rosh season and look to Rosh Hashanah, this one's for you:

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