The Break Down

Tiferet is the divine quality of beauty and balance. Tiferet values the diversity of beauty - that it looks, feels, and lives out authentically in different and true expressions for everyone. That’s what makes divinity beautiful! In music, the combination of melody and lyrics create beauty and balance. It’s time for that question:

What’s your favorite song, expression of music or even your favorite sound?

Digging Deeper

We’ve all been inspired and moved by music. Lyrics to our favorite songs are like text for the stories of our lives!

What’s your theme song? What is your favorite lyric?


We're back with another #WisdomWednesday, in the fifth week of #Reflect4Rosh, this time with extra special guest, Rabbi Daniel S. Horwitz of Adat Shalom Synagogue...

In musical terms, the work of tiferet – beauty and balance – is like adjusting the EQ on your speakers or in your car to make the sound just right for where you are. Sometimes you need that bass pumped up! Other times, you may need to keep all the levels equal to hear all the different musical qualities. It’s not just a metaphor – check out this funky number from GRiZ!

What do you do to balance the noise in your life - literal and metaphorical?