Hey folks! Are you feeling down because you wish things would stay the way they used to be? Do you find yourself resisting new trends and ideas? Yearning for a time when you thought the world made more sense? Is it causing you stress and bitterness? Are you at risk of aging into a grumpy old person that will kick young children off your lawn?

Well then, it might be time to stop fighting all the changes and start accepting the way things are today.

Fortunately for you, there’s a low-cost solution to your resistance to change:

Deal with it and move on.

This may not be easy at first – you’ll need to adjust your attitude. But it will put you on a path to a more peaceful life. Consider the following as a good starting point:

Gender Pronouns. He/She/They? Every day, more and more people are outwardly living their true identity, whether it conforms to their biological sex. It’s their identity, not yours. It’s their business, not yours. Good for them. Get used to it. Deal with it and move on.

Masks. Despite all the progress with COVID in this country, we’re going to see mask use for many years to come, maybe forever. If some people still want to wear one, don’t judge them. Don’t assume they’re unvaccinated. They’re not bothering anyone. (But if you wear one when alone in your car, you look ridiculous). Deal with it and move on.

Bo Schembechler. Bo knew. Of course he did. Bo knew everything that went on in his program. Take down his statute. The universe will survive, I promise. Deal with it and move on, Wolverine Nation.

Israel. It’s not going anywhere. Haters can boycott, sanction, divest and do whatever they want. But Israel is here to stay. It’s far from perfect, just like every other place on earth, but it is and always will be the Jewish homeland. Deal with it and move on, World.

White privilege. It’s a real thing. If you doubt it, you just proved its existence. Still not sure? Go talk to a black friend, if you have one. Ask them about how they and their kids sometimes get treated by police, prospective employers, cab drivers. Stop denying the obvious. Deal with it and move on, White People.

China. The Brits owned the 19th century, the US owned the 20th century and it appears likely that China will own the 21st century. They’re rapidly expanding their empire, their wealth and their disregard of human rights. China is everywhere now, including on the moon (their flag has been there for eight years, you know?). Scary, but we have to figure out how to deal with it and move on.

Electric vehicles. You are going to own an electric car one day. We all will. Our kids certainly will. Don’t worry, you’ll still see gas propelled cars at the Dream Cruise, if you can tolerate the exhaust fumes. Deal with it and move on, fellow motorists.

Twitter. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re likely to write it off as sheer nonsense. Oftentimes it is. But for breaking news, Twitter is hands down the best source out there. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that has even inspired revolutions. It’s also wildly entertaining sometimes. Deal with it and move on.

Dairy Queen. The place we grew up with has faced a barrage of competitors, but remains the perfect guilty treat. Have you seen all the new kinds of Blizzards these days? OMG! Give up your resistance, find yourself a comfy pair of sweatpants and get in line at DQ. Deal with it and move on.

Air Travel. We’re back up to over 2,000,000 travelers daily, which is pretty close to 2019 numbers. If you’re vaccinated, you’re fine. Get on a plane already. Go re-discover travel. Live a little. Store your baggage safely in the overhead compartment and move on into the friendly skies.

Police. They’re not getting defunded. Just the opposite, actually. Safety was the top issue in the recent New York primary. A former cop beat out a crowded field of good candidates. Like it or not, law and order is — once again — a live political issue. Although police departments are not at risk of being abolished, the demand for police reform has mainstreamed. Deal with it and move on.

Democrats. Don’t be lulled into a false narrative that the party is united and in charge. It’s margins are razor thin. It’s severely split between progressives and moderates. And internal tensions are quickly growing, none of which bodes well for the Dems in the mid-terms next year. Or the White House in 2024. Warning, Democrats: You’re blowing it. Deal with it before Oakland County voters move on.

January 6th. That was no casual tour or a harmless protest, as some gas-lighting gasbags have suggested. It was a violent, ugly and indefensible attempt to overthrow the US government by treasonous criminals. No sugar coating here. Lock ‘em up. Do not move on without dealing with it.

Brittany Spears. Admit it — you’re rooting for her. It’s okay to say that out loud. It’s even okay to listen to Oops!…I Did It Again once in a while. Quit resisting, deal with it and move on.

Nu?Detroit. This digital magazine has hit its stride and people are loving it. Each week, we deliver top-notch content filled with diverse and unmuzzled perspectives. It has been an honor getting it off the ground and it’s only getting better. We’re here to stay.

Deal with it!