The Break Down

Yesod is the Jewish quality that asks us to pay attention to the essentials, our foundation. In music, this is the beat. The beat is the anchor that all the other sounds organize around for music to happen. The beat is the pulse that music needs to come alive.

What are the beats that make up your essential playlist?

Digging Deeper

When the beat stops, its absence echoes in the silence that follows. When the beat drops, it kicks us forward and into life! What is your dance music? What are the songs or beats that just make you have to move? What’s the story of your best dance moves? We want to see them!

This week we heard from Arielle Inwald, a member of The Well community who has been participating in #Reflect4Rosh for several years

I learned a dance move that I use to this day from Step Up, the movie! A song that gets me movin' and groovin' is The Way I Are by Timbaland and Keri Hilson. Another one is Under the Sea – pretty self explanatory due to my name!


This week we're excited to welcome special guest Rabbi Yoni Dahlen of Congregation Shaarey Zedek. Check out the video below to learn more about what kinds of music Rabbi Yoni is inspired by, how he's thinking about the upcoming High Holidays, and how you can get involved.


This week's mystical quality is Yesod, the essentials. And this week's musical quality is the beat. Yesod is the foundation, the heartbeat – the drum. Drums have the power to unify and mesmerize our hearts. To be the pulse of purpose for a simcha, a celebration. One of the most fun ways that the drum connects us to a greater purpose, is in a marching band.

Yes, we went there. Whether for the love of music or for the love of the game – take in the beat of this epic drumline

“The drum was also responsible for unifying the rhythm of the Temple’s holy proceedings, which is why there could be infinite harps and trumpets, but only one drum.” – Joey Weisenberg, The Torah of Music

What is the one singular love or individual that inspires the beat of your drum?